On Mandatory Vaccinations

Tank Green/ July 14, 2021/ COVID-19, Health, Thoughts

Who mainly works in care homes? Working class women who are often from the global majority or who are often migrants.

Just because they are doing a job that you don’t want to, it doesn’t mean that you own their body.

Mandatory vaccinations are a crime.

The truth is that, when you made the decision to put your loved one in a care home, you made a decision to put your life first. If not, you would have decided to do the hard work of caring for your loved one yourself.

Now, in the most splendid hypocrisy to date, you refuse the right of care workers to make the same decision. You refuse the right of a care worker to put themselves first for a change.

The solution here is not to force someone to undergo a medical procedure they do not want, it’s to take your loved one out of the care home and do the hard work of caring for them yourself.

Have you said no to that? Do you think it is a preposterous suggestion? Well, know this: whatever reason/s you have conjured up to reject the idea (your job? your time?), you are valuing higher than the bodily autonomy of another human being, and more than your “love” for your so-called loved one.