On bodily integrity (autonomy)

Tank Green/ September 10, 2021/ COVID-19, Thoughts

I think that bodily integrity / autonomy is a human right. I think that I am the only person with the right to make a decision about my body and what happens to it, just as you are the only person who has the right to make decisions about your body. We each are our bodies, and no one should have supremacy over someone else.

If bodily integrity is a human right, it is a right at all times and for all people, irrespective of whether you agree with, or approve of, them. Rights are hard lines that are not crossed. They either are, or they are not.

If bodily integrity is a human right, then mandatory vaccinations are a violation of that right. If you support mandatory vaccinations outright, or by remaining silent, or by supporting coercive measures designed to take away the civil rights of unvaccinated people by disallowing them access to places or by removing their right to sick pay, for example; then you have made a decision, consciously or not, that bodily integrity is not a human right.

If bodily integrity / autonomy is not a human right, then it is a perspective. If it is a perspective, it means that, at any given juncture, it may not be your perspective. If bodily autonomy is a perspective, then it means that a woman’s right to choose is a perspective, rape and sexual assault is a perspective, torture is a perspective, human trafficking and slavery is a perspective, non-consensual DNRs on disabled people’s medical files is a perspective, and on we go.

Pick your side. There’s a very, very slippery slope ahead.