CUS! ‘Zine

CUS! ‘zine is a quarterly collaborative art+politics ‘zine. CUS! stands for ‘can’t un-see’: as in those things that fill you with a fury and which you have to speak or act upon in some way. Follow us on Instagram @CusZine.

The voices of CUS! vary for each edition, but have included: Bruce Campbell Jr., Ph.D., Christiane Eck, Dawn L. Hollis, e bond, Garry Freckleton, Leonie Weiser, Skarper, Tony Byrnes, and me, Tank Green, amongst others.

A limited number of paper copies are available to buy. Please contact me for more information. Otherwise, please click below for digital copies of each edition:

Edition 1 | December 2015

Edition 2 | March 2016

Edition 3 | June 2016

Edition 4 | September 2016

Edition 5 | December 2016

Editon 6 | March 2017

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