10,000 Services

I offer bespoke support services for a wide range of individuals and small businesses. I draw on a varied and unique personal history and currently offer the following ‘10,000 services‘:

  • Writing across a range of registers;
  • Editorial services (I’m a boss at turning disordered writing into strong and succinct narrative);
  • Qualitative research services, especially if related to equalities (‘race’, disability, class, gender);
  • Creative problem solving services (I am an ideas factory);
  • Project Management (especially in relation to academic External Engagement events and activities);
  • Business administration systems design (i.e. creating structure and order for your business);
  • Personal training and nutrition coaching (especially for people at the beginning of their journey towards health);
  • FREE academic coaching at all stages of higher education for students from non-traditional backgrounds;
  • WordPress web design and management services;
  • Support services for disabled workers and entrepreneurs, especially visually impaired people.

I have a particular interest in supporting disabled entrepreneurs and employees. I have an unseen disability myself, and work from a social model of disability.

I can offer such a wide range of services as I have lived an unusual and highly varied life. I have a humanities PhD and subsequently have a high level of writing, editorial, and qualitative research expertise, especially in respect of equalities. I enjoy project managing academic External Engagement activities. I also provide sighted research, editorial, and administrative support services to visually impaired academics.

I was a business manager to musicians for a great many years, and have subsequently used that experience to work as an office manager, PA, and a sole-charge bookkeeper to a wide range of companies (from charity to carpentry to healthcare). Almost every SME I have worked for has asked me to (re)design and/or implement bespoke administrative systems. I have also worked in and run nightclubs, worked in and managed independent shops, worked as an outreach mentor to young people with special educational and mental health needs, and have also been a care worker to disabled children. I am also a qualified personal trainer and Exercise Referral Specialist.

And that’s just the employment side! My hobbies include: making my own clothes, hand weaving, making collages, creative writing, growing plant babies, and reading.

As will be evident from my rather eclectic life, I have spent a long time searching for a Tank-shaped hole. It took me until I was 46 to realise there isn’t one: I have to make it myself. (I can be a really slow learner sometimes!) Now I would like to draw on my abundance of experience to help other irregularly shaped people make their own space. I imagine my 10,000 Services as helping individuals  to erect the supportive fence around themselves (and their micro and small businesses) that they need to participate fully in their working and academic life, and all done in a bespoke, warm, flexible, and friendly way.

Please contact me for more information.

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