On Ephemera

Tank Green/ February 25, 2023/ Thoughts

Image of the Show Your Work book by Austin Kleon I recently got around to reading Austin Kleon‘s Show Your Work and thought I’d do my own version of taking his advice.

Kleon recommends small daily updates where you literally show what you are working on. I’m not quite ready to do that, but I do like the idea of committing to some small share every day.

So, I have created a new page on my site: Ephemera. It’s a visual, random mish-mash of things which I have been thinking about that day. It’s so far mainly been quotes from something I have read, photography, links to podcasts I have enjoyed, photos of books, or very quick five minute collages. Its tagline should probably be: you can take the girl out of Instagram, but you can’t take Instagram out of the girl.

As it took me quite a few tries to find a free WordPress gallery plugin that I liked, I thought I would share the one I am using. A great many of the free plugins are buggy, have few features, or have incomprehensible support documentation. In the end, I settled on FooGallery as it works well, is easy to use, looks good, and has a great many customisation options.

I have been posting something seven days a week thus far, but I think I might go down to week days only, and try to post some piece of writing at the weekend. Anyway, enjoy. I am.