Personal Training

I genuinely love exercise and always have. I love exercise because I love moving. I love moving because of the joyful energy it brings my heart and body, and the quietness it brings to my mind. Somehow, by getting out of my (incredibly noisy) head and into my body, I’m able to process difficult thoughts and feelings easier. Since moving is my happy thing, and gyms are my happy places, I figured I’d retrain as a Personal Trainer and help you discover the healing power of movement.

Whilst I have always been somewhat athletic (read: tomboy), I started taking my fitness more seriously in my early 30s. As every woman over that age knows, our metabolisms start to change at that point and we have to work harder to keep certain things we took for granted until then. It was through taking my physical wellbeing more seriously that I discovered the unexpected benefits to my emotional and psychological wellbeing. Everyone says that exercise is good for your mental health, but let me tell you – it’s profoundly liberating and uplifting to feel it over the long-term. This is why I call my approach Balanced Training, because I help you (re)create balance in your body, heart, and mind through exercise and physical activity.

Over the years I’ve been a crossfitter, a cyclist, practised Muay Thai, been a runner, practised Taekwon-do, practised yoga, boxed, been a powerlifter, a hill walker, a swimmer, a dancer, a surfer, and so on. My current passion is callisthenics. My best advice is try all of the moving things and stick with the one you love until it’s time to move on to the next. Let me help you develop the confidence to play around with sports and exercise until you find the one that fits.

Who I enjoy working with

I particularly enjoy working with women over 35 (I’m 45), who are at the beginning of their fitness journey, or are re-starting exercise after a period of inactivity. I love to guide you back to health and strength, and with all that, ramp up your verve and vigour. I also very much enjoy working with people of all ages and genders with poor mental health.

I am interested in helping people get into a sustainable and healthy relationship with exercise, and from there with their bodies, hearts, and minds, rather than training competitive athletes (amateurs or otherwise). So if you know you need to start exercising but aren’t sure how, I’m the PT for you. Let’s fold exercise into your life organically together.

How I help you

My sessions are designed to train for cardiovascular health, strength, agility, mobility, and balance. I train functional movements and help you raise your general levels of health and fitness so you move through your life with greater ease. My aim is to enable you to proactively take control of your health for now and forever. I can help you stay healthy for the long-term, building up your self-confidence step-by-step as we go. I believe in joy and in making exercise fun, whilst still making sure you work hard and achieve your own personal health-related goals.

Services I offer

I am available for one to one training, and small groups (min 3, max 6). I also offer online coaching alongside bespoke and generic exercise plans. Finally, if you are on a low income, I do offer some sliding scale (aka reduced fee) sessions with certain conditions attached. Please get in touch if you would like to know more.

My qualifications

Level 2 Gym Instructing (HFE/YMCA Awards)
Level 3 Personal Training (HFE/YMCA Awards)
Level 3 Exercise Referral (HFE/YMCA Awards)
Mental Health First Aid (MHFA England)

CIMSPA Registration Number: 398005
Mental Health First Aider Badge

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