Personal Training

I genuinely love exercise because I love moving. I love moving because of the joyful energy it brings my heart and body, and the quietness it brings to my mind. By getting out of my (incredibly noisy) head and into my body, I’m able to process difficult thoughts and feelings easier, and spend more time being here now.

I am nearly 50 years old, so my training style is designed to support healthy aging. I am fit, strong, lean, and full of energy – let me help you create the same for yourself. As I am also an Exercise Referral (or GP Referral) specialist, I am able to work with people with chronic, long-term health conditions, of which I have a couple myself.

As such, I mostly enjoy working with older clients, people new to exercise, and people experiencing poor mental and physical health. I work 1:1 and small groups (max. 4 people). I encourage my clients to exercise outside as there are enormous mental health benefits to being outdoors. I am based in London and work with people in the Hackney, Haringey, and Islington areas.

Nutrition Coaching

I think we’ve all heard the expression ‘you can’t outrun a bad diet’, and it’s true – you can’t. The simple truth is that until you’ve addressed your diet, you will not see gains in your mental or physical health. This is why addressing my clients’ nutrition is the first, foundational step in the health coaching work I do. The purpose of eating is to nourish, energise, and support the body’s natural healing powers. If our food choices aren’t doing that, then we won’t have the mental, emotional, or physical energy to stick to an exercise or movement plan. This is why I spend time with my clients to help them form a healthy, sustainable, and delicious eating plan.

Personal Training

My approach to exercise is cross training. I am not an expert in any particular sport, but rather I believe that, in terms of supporting healthy aging and creating a good level of general fitness, the key lies in doing different things. This means that I focus on various forms of strength training, cardiovascular exercise, and flexibility and mobility. No two sessions are ever alike.

Over the years I’ve done martial arts, boxing, CrossFit, powerlifting, running, cycling, swimming, dancing, surfing, and paddle sports. My current passion is callisthenics. My best advice is to try a wide range of exercises and sports and stick with the one/s you love until you fancy trying something new. Let me help you develop the confidence to play around with sports and exercise until you find the one that fits.

Fundamentally, I am interested in helping people get into a sustainable and healthy relationship with diet and exercise, and from there with their bodies, hearts, and minds. So, if you know you need to start exercising but aren’t sure how, I’m the PT for you. Let’s fold exercise into your life organically together.

Present Tense Walking

I am an avid walker and am now undertaking training to lead small group walks, both in the wilder parts of London, and out in the countryside. However, these are no ordinary walks! I call them Present Tense Walks because we use the time to anchor ourselves to the present moment. This means that I gently guide the group’s conversation towards the environment and our senses: what we are feeling (emotionally and physically), smelling, hearing, and seeing in that moment. This is so that we get out of our heads and into our bodies and learn to appreciate being here now.

Present Tense Walking is therefore a form of meditation. I have found that by concentrating my attention on the natural environment, my walks revitalise my spirits and settle my mind in remarkable ways. I first started seated meditation twenty years ago, and have since found a variety of ways to get out of my head and into my body. Through our walks together, I can help you do the same. In this way, my Present Tense walks are about taking control of our mental health by learning to be in our bodies.

I lead a maximum of four people on walks designed to meet your requirements in terms of length and environment. Whilst I am still in leadership training, I do have a Silver Navigation award, so I promise you we won’t get lost!

My qualifications

  • Level 2 Gym Instructing
  • Level 3 Personal Training
  • Level 3 Exercise Referral
  • NNAS Silver Navigator Award
  • Mountain Training Lowland Leader (currently working towards)

Please email me at 10k[at] for more information or to make a booking.

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