The Winds of the Pond

This is one of the places dogs go to receive instructions. People say it’s cats who have ulterior motives, but it’s not, it’s dogs. Not that the dogs’ ulterior motives are bad, mind—I’d never be so slanderous as those who talk shit about cats—but you should know that they are here for more than head rubs, ball fetching, stick carrying, inappropriate chewing, and cuddles. This is a true and verifiable fact. As you can see from this extremely rare photo, this Labrador Retriever is in the midst of communion with the Winds of the Pond. If you are a dog, the Winds exert a strong pull on your soul and cause you to enter the water in order for the being within to attach nodes to your paws through which it provides you with instructions. The Winds of the Pond are actually aliens. I’m not sure exactly when they arrived here

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