Pandemic reading material

Tank Green/ December 3, 2021/ COVID-19

I’m going to leave this post as a sticky and update it with links to essays and interviews on the COVID-19 pandemic I heartily recommend reading. Order represents the order I came across them, most recent at the top.

The ever sensible and informative Professor Carl Heneghan on why he spoke out against lockdown.

An interview with Dr Steve James on why he would rather lose his job as an ICU doctor than take the vaccine.

Dr Steve Templeton on his forthcoming book (which I am excited to read!), Fear of a Microbial Planet.

Christiaan W.J.M. Alting von Geusau on Totalitarianism and the Five Stages of Dehumanization.

Prof Mattias Desmet on how mass formation leads people “to commit atrocities as if they perform a holy duty”.

Paul Kingsnorth on how fear fuels the vaccine wars.

Prof Toby Green writes about the left’s blindness to discrimination.

Charles Eisenstein on mob morality and the unvaxxed.

Dr Piers Robinson talks about the propaganda campaign being waged.

Prof John Ioannidis on how the pandemic is changing the norms of science.

Prof Carl Heneghan and Tom Jefferson on why a suppression strategy won’t work and why we need to tolerate uncertainty.