Leave our bodies alone

Tank Green/ November 19, 2021/ COVID-19

Together Declaration March FlyerI just read the sickening news that Austria is mandating population-wide COVID-19 vaccination as of February 2022. No disrespect to the unvaccinated Austrians – and my heart literally hurts for you – but I suppose it’s fitting that this final stage of COVID totalitarianism begins there.

It’s true what they say about mandates and coercion: it hardens people’s hearts on both sides, and makes those of us on the fence get off it and pick sides.

At this point, and with this much evidence, anyone who (still) thinks that the vaccines stop contraction or transmission of the virus are either profoundly stupid, wilfully ignorant, in a cult-like hypnosis, or a combination of all three.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it over and over and over until this madness stops: there is no health-based reason for mandating vaccines. All they do is stop the recipient from developing severe disease. It does not stop anyone catching it nor giving it to others. So there is no health-based reason to force someone else to do something to their body that they do not want to happen. If you want it, take it. But leave my body alone.

I will be on that march tomorrow, #together with other rational and just people who still believe in bodily autonomy and freedom of choice.